Top Benefits of Return to Work Programs 

 With an average taking up to eight days off work, even a minor injury can have a massive impact on your organization because it affects their ability to perform that is why you are supposed to integrate them slowly through return to work programs.  As an employer, you should understand that the longer your employee is off work, the less they are likely to return which is why you should have a return to work program to motivate your valued employees to return. Implementing a return to work program for your employees’ shows you are concerned and care about their wellbeing. The benefits of having a return to work program are discussed in this site

 Return to work programs are beneficial because they offer financial security to employees; most workers usually earn more by returning to work.  Without a properly implemented return to work programs, most employees would resume work before they are fully recovered because of the risk of losing their jobs to someone else, but if you have a return to work program, your injured employees can rest easy knowing there is still a place for them in your firm. 

Creating a sense of normalcy among your injured employees is another reason to have a return to work program; with this program in place, you are giving them something to look forward to instead of focusing on their current plight.  If you are looking for a way to boost the morale of your workers, implementing a return to work program is an efficient way of doing it; you are assuring them of their jobs even if they suffer injuries. When you implement a return to work program, you are enabling your employees to retain the social connections they have developed at the workplace over the years. Learn more about these return to work programs here.

 Retaining your experienced workers is one of the benefits you will gain from having a return to work programs; all those employees who would have thought of quitting after being away of extended period can be retained through return to work programs.  By getting injured employees back quickly through return to work programs, you avoid the cost of hiring and training temporary workers or permanent replacements. 

 When you have injured employees sitting at home, they are not contributing anything to the firm, but if you bring them back through the return to work program they can contribute to the productivity of your firm. Finally, having a return to work program means you will pay less workers compensation costs when the injured employees return to work part-time.  Now you know the benefits of having a return to work program in your firm. Get a general overview of the topic here: